Conduit Transcriptions is a highly valued company for attorneys who need transcription services. Whether family law, immigration law, tax law or patent law, along with all of the other areas of specialty in the practice of law today, Conduit Transcriptions is the proven partner that can provide a myriad of services with absolute professionalism:

  • Translation/transcription services fulfilled by professionals fluent in over 150 languages, transcribed accurately and in the context of current language usage. Conduit provides the highest level of security for attorney documents, earning us a strong list of prestigious clients, particularly within law enforcement and the practice of law.

  • Online dictation service for busy attorneys that will take the dictation/notes of an attorney and transcribe them into a style that is harmonious with the writing style of that specific attorney.

  • Transcription services for attorneys’ depositions, courtroom proceedings, recordings of hearings, briefs, memos, letters and emails, reports, notes and other documents for law firms. Translation services are available when needed by our over 1400 professional linguists.

Busy attorneys have learned to efficiently delegate their work and the time of their staff by using the transcription services available at Conduit Transcriptions. The reliability of Conduit Transcriptions for timely, accurate and affordable services has resulted in a strong allegiance between Conduit Transcriptions and our attorney clients. At Conduit Transcriptions, our transcribers are skilled in terminology unique to the practice of law.  Successful attorneys hold themselves to a high standard and the transcription services done by Conduit can support them to achieve their goals.

It is clear that when a service as sensitive as transcription is outsourced, caution must be exercised. Just as the owl incorporated into our corporate logo symbolizes wisdom, we continue to gain wisdom on what we do, how we do it and how to best meet our clients’ expectations. Attorneys have found Conduit Transcriptions to be the right choice for a number of reasons:

  • We have been in the business of transcribing and translating for over 10 years, establishing long-term relationships with many of our clients.

  • Our background-checked employees are native speakers, highly qualified and thoroughly trained professionals.

  • We use U.S. based transcribers exclusively. When translation services are required, with linguists available for more than 150 languages, writing will be done in the context of current usage and regional idioms with sensitivity to cultural issues.

  • Conduit Transcriptions offers the highest levels of security for each transcription service.

Conduit Transcriptions understands the value of professional time to attorneys and we are committed to providing transcription services with strong customer service. Our clients have come to rely upon our unwavering commitment to excellence and we consistently deliver on this promise with integrity. Attorneys recognize Conduit Transcriptions efficiency and overall quality, which allows them to focus their energy and time on what they do best. 

Find out today what Conduit Transcriptions can do for you to fulfill your transcription and translation needs accurately, efficiently and affordably. Our process of uploading your document to us and our timely turn-around is simpler than you think.

Call us at 800-238-3834 or email us at and you will quickly understand why attorneys use Conduit Transcriptions to fulfill, with confidence, their transcription and translation needs.



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We are dedicated to accuracy, careful scrutiny, and timely delivery-all while providing the highest possible quality and service. All Conduit Transcriptions linguists are native speakers and trained professionals. Each one has current knowledge of usage, regional idioms, and cultural sensibilities, no matter how specialized or localized.