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As an industry-leader in the Law Enforcement community, Conduit Transcriptions sits on edge of innovation. Our depth of knowledge in Audio Forensics allows our team of linguists to effectively tackle some of the most complex and highly sensitive cases. Our Audio Technicians can conduct electric network frequency analysis to establish authenticity and integrity of the recordings.  


With precise audio enhancements our technicians clean or filter unwanted noise from unintelligible media, uncovering evidence without damaging the integrity of the original recording.  Some example techniques are Frequency Equalization, Compression systems and the use of digital processing units or DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations)



Our proprietary methods, equipment and in-depth expertise allow our Audio Technicians to improve intelligibility by extracting voices that may be obscured by background noise, poor recording placement or other sources of interference -- revealing key evidence.

Conduit Transcriptions understands that the quality of your transcriptions is essential to the success of your investigation and for that reason, our in-house Forensic Lab trains in the latest techniques and equipment, operating in a rigorous environment that maintains evidentiary integrity – this is the level of commitment we have to our customers.
Our expertise in Audio Forensics allows us to tailor projects specific to your individual case requirements. We provide expert support to Law Enforcement groups across the country, starting at the investigative phase through the end of your trial. In addition to supporting your Audio Forensic and language services needs, our dedicated team of professional Project Managers and Administrative Staff are committed to the success of your project.
We’ve been privileged to successfully support many projects over our 15-year partnership with the various Law Enforcement agencies.



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