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Conduit Transcriptions goes beyond what is expected of language and transcription services.

Transcription and Translation Services are an integral component of the critical workflow of many attorney offices, and government agencies engaged in law enforcement as well as private companies.  We fully understand that accuracy of transcription and translation is critical to effectively capturing the proper register and cultural representation of your document and audio files. 


At Conduit Transcriptions, working in language services for a decade, we have staked our reputation on doing things well. Just as our “Mr. Owl” knowingly incorporated into our logo, we have earned our wisdom through years in business, translating this acumen into our company culture of continuously exceeding our clients’ expectations:


We use only the best transcribers and translators, capable of delivering your product in more than 150 languages.


Our customer service is second-to-none, with quick responsiveness and precision, always acknowledging our clients need for not only accuracy but also confidentiality.


We like to speak about the Conduit Advantage: All of our transcribers are U.S.-based, native speakers and trained professionals, with the highest qualifications and skills to transcribe and translate accurately in the context of current usage, regional idioms and cultural sensitivity in over 150 languages. We routinely perform quality performance tests with our linguists to assure that they are maintaining our high-quality performance standards. We maintain the utmost levels of security by requiring that our linguists pass a background check, enabling Conduit Transcriptions to unfailingly provide the highest levels of security for our clients’ projects.


Our corporate name, Conduit Transcriptions, is simply the tip of the iceberg when identifying the array of professional services available through our company. Among the myriad of services beyond transcription offered at Conduit Transcriptions include:


  • Translation/Interpretation (government and private sector) for Title III Investigations, conferences, depositions, courtroom hearings (both civil and criminal), labor disputes and administrative hearings
  • American Sign Language (ASL) in a full range of settings
  • State and federally certified interpreters for all types of settings: onsite, video remote and telephonic
  • Translation
  • Multimedia Content Services: Voiceover, Foreign Language Subtitling and Captioning

Delivering the best Customer Service is a key element distinguishing Conduit Transcriptions from our competition.  We are committed to consistent, conscientious quality services, always delivered professionally. With over 1400 linguists working with us, no project is too large or too small for Conduit Transcriptions. Always responsive to our clients’ deadlines, we can turn a project back to the client in as little as 24 hours.

Building relationships has been the foundation to our success at Conduit Transcriptions.


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We are dedicated to accuracy, careful scrutiny, and timely delivery-all while providing the highest possible quality and service. All Conduit Transcriptions linguists are native speakers and trained professionals. Each one has current knowledge of usage, regional idioms, and cultural sensibilities, no matter how specialized or localized.